Basic coding frame

Schema: 1-erg 2-abs abs[2].V

# Coding set Argument type
1 NP-erg A
2 NP-abs & abs.V P

Derived coding frames

Derived coding frame via
2-abs abs[2].V' Ambitransitive Alternation
1-abs abs[1].V'antip Antipassive 2 Alternation
1-abs 2-instr abs[1].V'antip Antipassive 1 Alternation
3-erg 1-instr 2-abs abs[2].V'caus Causative with -l/-ll
1-poss 2-abs abs[2].V'pot Potential Alternation
1-poss 2-abs abs[2].V' Accidental/Potential Transitive Alternation
3-erg 1-abs 2-instr abs[1].V'caus4 Causative with golal

Verb forms with this basic coding frame

Verb form Verb Meaning Comment