How to cite the Yaqui dataset

Zarina Estrada-Fernández, Mercedes Tubino Blanco, Jesús Francisco Villalpando Quiñonez. 2013. Yaqui.
In: Hartmann, Iren & Haspelmath, Martin & Taylor, Bradley (eds.)
Valency Patterns Leipzig.
Leipzig: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
(Available online at http://valpal.info/contributions/yaqu1251, Accessed on 2022-08-13.)


Characterization of flagging resources

The Yaqui language exhibits a nominative-accusative case marking on nouns and pronouns. And also a distinction between nominative, accusative, genitive and object-of-postposition forms in the pronominal system.

Characterization of ordering resources

The Yaqui language exhibits a preference for SOV word order. All lexical and pronominal arguments are overtly expressed, except for third person.

Source of the data and generalizations/background of the contributor(s)

Most of the examples used in this database come from elicitation with a native speaker of Yaqui. Some other examples (few) come from the Dictionary of Yaqui-Spanish and Spanish-Yaqui by Estrada et al (2010). When the source of one example is not marked, it comes from elicitation.

Coordinates WGS8427°30'N, 110°15'W
27.50, -110.25

Glottocode yaqu1251
ISO 639-3 code yaq
RegionNorth America
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Coding frame Type Comment
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