German (Standard)


How to cite the German (Standard) dataset

Martin Haspelmath, Luisa Baumann. 2013. German (Standard).
In: Hartmann, Iren & Haspelmath, Martin & Taylor, Bradley (eds.)
Valency Patterns Leipzig.
Leipzig: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
(Available online at, Accessed on 2023-12-02.)


General comment

Concerning the frequency of a verb's alternation, we decided intuitively whether an alternation occurs 'marginally' or 'regularly'. Some alternations marked as occuring 'marginally' surely have to be rediscussed.

Concerning the Coding Frames we did not pay attention to adjuncts.

Often there can be created alternations of alternations. We did not mark them but in most cases we made a comment. We did not establish a causative alternation.

Coordinates WGS8451°21'N, 12°21'E
51.34, 12.35

Glottocode stan1295
ISO 639-3 code deu
Verb form Verb Meaning Basic coding frame Comment
Coding frame Type Comment
Coding set # Coding frames # Verbs # Microroles Comment
Alternation Type Description
# Primary text Analyzed text Gloss Translation Comment Details