How to cite the Ket dataset

Edward J. Vajda, Elena Kryukova. 2013. Ket.
In: Hartmann, Iren & Haspelmath, Martin & Taylor, Bradley (eds.)
Valency Patterns Leipzig.
Leipzig: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
(Available online at, Accessed on 2022-12-09.)


General comment

RE: Ommission of reflexive pronouns
Ket verbs regularly omit the object NP verb externally and also omit the verb-external reflexive pronoun, but the verb-internal marker that indexes this valent is never dropped for discourse reasons.

RE: Object omission (NP ommission)
Ket regularly drops its verb-external object NP to background it in discourse. However, the verb-internal object marker remains regardless of discourse function.

Coordinates WGS8464°N, 87°E
64.00, 87.00

Glottocode kett1243
ISO 639-3 code ket
Verb form Verb Meaning Basic coding frame Comment
Coding frame Type Comment
Coding set # Coding frames # Verbs # Microroles Comment
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