How to cite the Chintang dataset

Robert Schikowski, Balthasar Bickel, Netra Prasād Paudyāl. 2013. Chintang.
In: Hartmann, Iren & Haspelmath, Martin & Taylor, Bradley (eds.)
Valency Patterns Leipzig.
Leipzig: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
(Available online at, Accessed on 2023-06-07.)
Coordinates WGS8426°57'N, 87°13'E
26.95, 87.21

Glottocode chhi1245
ISO 639-3 code ctn
Verb form Verb Meaning Basic coding frame Comment
Coding frame Type Comment
Coding set # Coding frames # Verbs # Microroles Comment
Alternation Type Description
# Primary text Analyzed text Gloss Translation Comment Details