Alternation ‘Direct Reciprocal’ (Coded)

A/nom P/acc~X/obl V -> A/nom V-rec; The reciprocal is coded by the verbal suffix -mat-, and can mark cross-coreferentiality with direct but also (animate) indirect objects. Furthermore one can distinguish between argument vs. possessive reciprocals; in the second case the cross-coreferentiality holds between the subject and the possessor of an object. Only reciprocals of the argument type are taken into account in grammaticality judgments. Only a direct reciprocal costruction involving cross-coreferentiality between the subject and the direct object of a transitive verb or an oblique object of a bivalent intransitive is represented here . (For reciprocals with cross-coreferentiality of a subject with indirect object of a trivalent verb see Indirect Reciprocal)

Verb Meaning Verb form Basic coding frame Derived coding frame Occurs Comment # Ex.