Alternation ‘Reciprocal’ (Coded)

In a situation with two or more participants where each participant is the A of an action directed to one of the other participants and at the same time the argument linked to P-AGR of the same action as directed to him by another participant, the reciprocal form is used. The reciprocal form is constructed by suffixing the bare verb stem with -ka and a full reduplication of the stem. In order to function as a predicate, this form requires the auxiliary lus- taking S-AGR person/number suffixes. The reciprocal form can be formed from any mono- or ditransitive verb allowing for reciprocal action, i.e., there are no lexical restrictions. With ditransitive verbs coding both T and R by ABS the reciprocal action can take place between T and R instead of A and R.

Verb Meaning Verb form Basic coding frame Derived coding frame Occurs Comment # Ex.