ValPaL Reference   Bickel et al. 2004-08

Author(s): Bickel, Balthasar and Rai, Novel Kishore and Gaenszle, Martin and Lieven, Elena and Stoll, Sabine and Rai, Manoj and Banjade, Goda and Paudyal, Netra and Bhatta, Toya Nath and Rai, Ichchha P.

Year: 2004

Bibtex type: book

Book title: Chintang corpus

Latex cite key: Bickel-et-al-2004-08

Language: Chintang

Additional information: Compiled during Chintang and Puma Documentation Project (CPDP, Volkswagenstiftung DoBeS programme, grant no. II/79 092, 2004-2008) and the Chintang Language Research Programme (CLRP, Volkswagenstiftung Dilthey Fellowship, grant no. II/81 730, from 2009)