ValPaL Reference   Kim 2010

Author(s): Kim, Kyung-Hee (김경희)

Year: 2010

Article title: 서지석, 9년 전 배두나가 나에게 관심 보였다!

Bibtex type: article

City: Seoul

Publisher: MBC Online


Language: Korean

Additional information: The title remains unchanged here, although I am not sure whether this complies with the copyright regulations stated below the article. The name of the author has been romanized according to practical conventions, not the Revised Romanization.

Full reference: Kim, Kyung-Hee. 2010. 서지석, 9년 전 배두나가 나에게 관심 보였다! [Suh Ji-Suk: "Twenty years ago Bae Doona showed me her interest!"]. MBC On-Line, 2010-08-16. URL: [last accessed 2014-02-18]