Derived Coding frame

# Coding set Argument type
1 tumen+NP
2 sbj.V
From Basic Coding frame via

Verb forms occurring regularly in Alternations
with this derived Coding frame

Verb form Verb meaning Microrole 1 Microrole 2
méek' HUG hugger huggee
il SEE seeer seen entity
u'y HEAR hearer heard sound
u'y SMELL smeller smelled entity
sahbes FRIGHTEN frightener frightenee
sahakkuns FRIGHTEN frightener frightenee
tukult THINK thinker thought content
kax(an)t SEARCH FOR searcher searched for thing
isíins WASH washer washed entity
búukint DRESS dresser clothes
ts'ik SHAVE (a body part/person) shaver (of body part) shaved body part
áant HELP helper helpee
ch'a'paacht FOLLOW follower followee
naktáant MEET meeter met person
nuptáant MEET meeter met person
awat (2) SHOUT AT shouter shoutee
k'aaba'int BE NAMED name carrier name (intr.)
hat TEAR tearer torn thing
sóolt PEEL peeler peeled object
kuch LOAD loader loaded thing
k'ay SING singer song
bul SINK (tr) sink-(caus)er (tr) sunken entity (tr)
tóok BURN (tr) burner (tr) burnt thing (tr)
cho' WIPE wiper wiping surface
púust WIPE wiper wiping surface
háal DIG digger dug up thing
chak COOK cooker cooked food
kach BREAK breaker broken thing
ch'a' sahakil FEAR fearer fear stimulus
k'ahóolt KNOW knower known thing/person
ch'a' paach FOLLOW follower followee
ts'íil PEEL peeler peeled object
páan DIG digger dug up thing
tsaypacht FOLLOW follower followee
haant EAT eater eaten food
pakat LOOK AT looker looked at entity
t'an CALL caller called to/for person
che'ht LAUGH ABOUT laugher (tr.) laughed-about thing (tr.)
báaxt PLAY player game
ok'om-óolt BE SAD ABOUT
ook'olt CRY ABOUT crying person cryed about thing
kan LEARN learner learned thing
cheppóolt PEEL peeler peeled object
lak PEEL peeler peeled object
ch'in THROW thrower thrown thing
ch'a'bokt SMELL smeller smelled entity
k'oha'nkunt MAKE SICK sickness causer (tr) sick person (tr)
lookans BOIL (tr) boiler (tr) boiled thing (tr)
lúubs FELL feller fellee
ookolt STEAL stealer stolen thing
se'nt COUGH AT coughing person coughed at entity
síit't JUMP OVER jumping person jumped over entity
tikinkunt DRY drier (tr) dry thing (tr)
áalkabans MAKE RUN run causer (tr) runner (tr)
áalkabt RUN runner run distance
chíikbes MAKE APPEAR appear causer (tr) appearer (tr)
ichíint WASH washer washed entity
kahkunt MARRY marrying person married person
wi'hkunt MAKE HUNGRY hunger causer (tr) hungry person (tr)
yahkunt HURT hurter hurt locus
chak'icht BLINK blinker winked at person