Basic Coding frame

# Coding set Argument type
1 Ø A
2 Ø P

Verb forms with this basic Coding frame

Verb form Verb meaning Microrole 1 Microrole 2
fó̩ BREAK breaker broken thing
pa KILL killer killee
BEAT beater beatee
gbá HIT hitter hittee
CUT cutter cut thing
ya TEAR tearer torn thing
PEEL peeler peeled object
pa...mó̩ HIDE hider hidden thing
gbé CARRY carrier carried thing
THROW thrower thrown thing
gùn CLIMB climber climbing goal
fi...sílè̩ LEAVE leaver left place/person
lò̩ (2) GRIND grinder ground thing
WIPE wiper wiped material
gbé̩ DIG digger dug hole/ground
PUSH pusher pushee
mú...wá BRING bringer brought thing
STEAL stealer stolen thing
gbó̩ HEAR hearer heard sound
COOK cooker cooked food
gbà (2) GET receiver received thing
fé̩ WANT wanter wanted thing
MEET meeter met person
BREAK breaker broken thing
kán BREAK breaker broken thing
BEAT beater beatee
je̩ EAT eater eaten food
dìrò̩mó̩ HUG hugger huggee
LOOK AT looker looked at entity
SEE seeer seen entity
rùn SMELL smeller smelled entity
bè̩rù FEAR fearer fear stimulus
dé̩rùbà FRIGHTEN frightener frightenee
fé̩ràn LIKE liker liked entity
mò̩ KNOW knower known thing/person
SEARCH FOR searcher searched for thing
fò̩ WASH washer washed entity
wè̩ WASH washer washed entity
ràn...ló̩wó̩ HELP helper helpee
SHAVE (a body part/person) shaver (of body part) shaved body part
tè̩lé FOLLOW follower followee
pàdé MEET meeter met person
bá...sò̩rò̩ TALK talker talked to person