Basic Coding frame

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Clauses with two NPs (agent and patient) have to be in passive.

# Coding set Argument type
1 V.obj P
2 V.sbj A

Verb forms with this basic Coding frame

Verb form Verb meaning Microrole 1 Microrole 2
čʼag-a-t HELP helpee helper
čʼət-t CUT cut thing cutter
čʼəx̣-a-t COOK cooked food cooker
čʼiy-i-t HEAR heard sound hearer
gay-a-t ASK FOR askee asker
həqʷ-t SMELL smelled entity smeller
həy-t BUILD built thing builder
həy-t MAKE made thing maker
ǰuθ-u-t PUSH pushee pusher
kʷay-iš HIDE hidden thing hider
kʷinat-t CARRY carried thing carrier
kʼʷəɬ-aš POUR poured substance pourer
kʼʷən-t LOOK AT looked at entity looker
kʼʷən-t SEE seen entity seeer
ɬaw-š LEAVE left place/person leaver
ɬupʼ-u-t PEEL peeled object peeler
ma(ʔ)-t GET received thing receiver
ma(ʔ)-t TAKE taken thing taker
məkʷ-t EAT eaten food eater
na-t SAY saying addressee sayer
nan-a-t NAME namee namer
niʔ-i-t DRESS dressee dresser
nu-np-igan-mi-t THINK thought content thinker
pəx̣-t TEAR torn thing tearer
qəp-t TOUCH touchee toucher
qəyʼ-t KILL killee killer
qʼiya-t SHOUT AT shoutee shouter
sapʼ-a-t BEAT beatee beater
sax̣ʷ-a-t SHAVE (a body part/person) shaved body part shaver (of body part)
saysaǰʼ-mi-t FEAR fear stimulus fearer
səpʼ-t HIT hittee hitter
səytʼ-a-t THROW thrown thing thrower
təx̣ʷ-nixʷ KNOW known thing/person knower
tuyʔap-t FOLLOW followee follower
tʼayš-a-t COVER covered thing coverer
tʼaʔqʼ-aš BRING brought thing bringer
tʼᶿəkʷ-t WIPE wiped material wiper
tʼᶿiy-i-t SEARCH FOR searched for thing searcher
x̣aƛʼ WANT wanted thing wanter
x̣əyp-a-t FRIGHTEN frightenee frightener
x̣ʷuǰ-u-t HUG huggee hugger
yaʔčʼ-aš FILL filled container filler
yəpʼ-t BREAK broken thing breaker
ʔəy-sxʷ LIKE liker liked entity
ʔuwuɬ-sxʷ LOAD loaded thing loader
θap-a-t WASH washed entity washer
θiq-i-t DIG digger dug up thing