Basic Coding frame

# Coding set Argument type
1 subjA.V A
2 V.objI P

Verb forms with this basic Coding frame

Verb form Verb meaning Microrole 1 Microrole 2
miijid EAT eater eaten food
aabtoojiinaad HUG hugger huggee
gnawaabmaad LOOK AT looker looked at entity
waabmaad SEE seeer seen entity
zeghaad FRIGHTEN frightener frightenee
gkenmaad KNOW knower known thing/person
ndanewaad SEARCH FOR searcher searched for thing
gziibiignaad WASH washer washed entity
biiskon'yehaad DRESS dresser dressee
naadmawaad HELP helper helpee
noopnanaad FOLLOW follower followee
mwaad EAT eater eaten food
n'gadang LEAVE leaver left place/person
n'ganaad LEAVE leaver left place/person
nkweshkwaad MEET meeter met person
tanenmaad THINK thinker thought content
mdaagwendang LIKE liker
bshigendang LIKE liker
bgishgenmaad LIKE liker
gnawaabndang LOOK AT looker looked at entity
ndodmawaad ASK FOR asker askee
gnoonaad TALK talker talked to person
gnoodang TALK talker talked to person
biibaagmaad SHOUT AT shouter shoutee
daangnaad TOUCH toucher touchee
daangnang TOUCH toucher touchee
giishkkonaad CUT cutter cut thing
daapnaad TAKE taker taken thing
daapnang TAKE taker taken thing
gaakbidood TEAR tearer torn thing
gaakbinaad TEAR tearer torn thing
bnagjiiknaad PEEL peeler peeled object
bnagjiikdang PEEL peeler peeled object
bnagjiibinaad PEEL peeler peeled object
bnagjiibdood PEEL peeler peeled object
ndawenmaad WANT wanter wanted thing
ndawendang WANT wanter wanted thing
nsaad KILL killer killee
ntood KILL killer killee
bkitewaad BEAT beater beatee
bkitewaad HIT
bkitehang BEAT beater beatee
bkitehang HIT
gkinaad HIDE hider hidden thing
gkidood HIDE hider hidden thing
zhihaad BUILD builder built thing
bookbidood BREAK breaker broken thing
bookbinaad BREAK breaker broken thing
waabndahaad SHOW shower shown thing
zhinoohmawaad SHOW shower shown thing
bmiwnaad CARRY carrier carried thing
bmiwdood CARRY carrier carried thing
pagnaad THROW thrower thrown thing
pagdang THROW thrower thrown thing
dkobidood TIE tier tied thing
gbahang COVER coverer covered thing
gbawaad COVER coverer covered thing
mooshknadood FILL filler filled container
mooshknanaad FILL filler filled container
mooshknebdood FILL filler filled container
mooshknebnaad FILL filler filled container
boozdood LOAD
waabndang SEE seeer seen entity
biijmaandang SMELL smeller smelled entity
gtang FEAR fearer fear stimulus
gkendang KNOW knower known thing/person
mdaagwenmaad THINK thinker thought content
ndanehang SEARCH FOR searcher searched for thing
nkweshkang MEET meeter met person
ndodang ASK FOR asker askee
(?biibaagndang) SHOUT AT shouter shoutee
waawiinaad NAME namer namee
waawiindang NAME namer namee
zhitood BUILD builder built thing
biidood BRING bringer brought thing
biinaad BRING bringer brought thing
mnzang COOK cooker cooked food
mnozwaad COOK cooker cooked food
moon'ang DIG digger dug up thing
moon'hwaad DIG digger dug up thing
biisboodood GRIND
biisboonaad GRIND
noondang HEAR hearer heard sound
noondwaad HEAR hearer heard sound
gaandnaad PUSH pusher pushee
gaandnang PUSH pusher pushee
gkinoo'mawaad TEACH teacher teachee
bmaandwaadang CLIMB climber climbing goal
nendang THINK thinker thought content
nenmaad THINK thinker thought content
gziibiignang WASH washer washed entity
gaashkibaanaad SHAVE (a body part/person) shaver (of body part) shaved body part