Basic Coding frame

# Coding set Argument type
1 Ø A
2 Ø P

Verb forms with this basic Coding frame

Verb form Verb meaning Microrole 1 Microrole 2
tutup COVER coverer covered thing
ikat TIE tier tied thing
bawa BRING bringer brought thing
bawa CARRY carrier carried thing
dapet GET (= obtain) obtainer obtained thing
colong STEAL stealer stolen thing
umpetin HIDE hider hidden thing
sobek TEAR tearer torn thing
lap WIPE wiper wiping surface
potong CUT cutter cut thing
sentuh TOUCH toucher touchee
pukul BEAT beater beatee
pukul HIT hitter hittee
pecahin BREAK breaker broken thing
bangun BUILD builder built thing
kenal KNOW knower known thing/person
liat LOOK AT looker looked at entity
liat SEE seeer seen entity
takut FEAR fearer fear stimulus
suka LIKE liker liked entity
cari SEARCH FOR searcher searched for thing
ketemu MEET meeter met person
ikut FOLLOW follower followee
tolong HELP helper helpee
makan EAT eater eaten food
mandiin WASH washer washed entity
penuhin FILL filler filled container
colok TOUCH toucher touchee
gebuk HIT hitter hittee
bunuh KILL killer killee
patahin BREAK breaker broken thing
minta ASK FOR asker requested thing
seneng LIKE liker liked entity
bantu HELP helper helpee
panjat CLIMB climber climbing goal
cuci WASH washer washed entity
pegang TOUCH toucher touchee
bakar BURN (tr) burner (tr) burnt thing (tr)
panggil BE NAMED
masak COOK cooker cooked food
gali DIG digger dug hole/ground
giling GRIND grinder ground thing
dengar HEAR hearer heard sound
peluk HUG hugger huggee
bikin MAKE maker made thing
kupas PEEL peeler peeled object
kulitin PEEL peeler peeled object
dorong PUSH pusher pushee
terima GET receiver received thing
cukur SHAVE (a body part/person) shaver (of body part) shaved body part
ajar TEACH teacher taught content
pengen WANT wanter wanted thing
cium SMELL smeller smelled entity
main PLAY player game
naik CLIMB climber climbing goal
temu MEET meeter met person
matiin KILL killer killee
takutin FRIGHTEN frightener frightenee