Verb forms with this basic Coding frame

Verb form Verb meaning Microrole 1 Microrole 2
haruką COVER coverer covered thing
mąąnų STEAL stealer stolen thing
nųųxąwą HIDE hider hidden thing
hiki'o TOUCH toucher touchee
t'ee hii KILL killer killee
tuuc hii COOK cooker cooked food
rugas TEAR tearer torn thing
waža WIPE wiper wiping surface
mąącgis CUT cutter cut thing
horak TELL teller told content
taa ASK FOR asker requested thing
hokit'e TALK talker talked to person
hiperes KNOW knower known thing/person
haja SEE seeer seen entity
gicop GRIND grinder ground thing
ruxoro PEEL peeler peeled object
k'ee DIG digger dug hole/ground
ruus TAKE taker taken thing
horoǧoc LOOK AT looker looked at entity
nąąkewe FEAR fearer fear stimulus
gipį LIKE liker liked entity
hikipa MEET meeter met person
ruxe FOLLOW follower followee
gijire HELP helper helpee
nąąt'ųp HUG hugger huggee
wewį THINK thinker thought content
ruuc EAT eater eaten food
harucap GET receiver received thing
ruža WASH washer washed entity
hoti CLIMB climber climbing goal
nąąwą SING singer song
rusgic TIE tier tied thing
nąąǧire hii FRIGHTEN frightener frightenee
nąąxgų HEAR hearer heard sound
roogų WANT wanter wanted thing
ųų BUILD builder built thing
ųų MAKE maker made thing
gišiš BREAK breaker broken thing
waha SHOW shower shown thing
hapa HIT hitter hittee
hojį BEAT beater beatee
hanį jii BRING bringer brought thing
mąąxjuk GRIND grinder ground thing
horupąną SMELL smeller smelled entity