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Goddard, Cliff. 2013. English Valency Patterns.
In: Hartmann, Iren & Haspelmath, Martin & Taylor, Bradley (eds.) 2013.
Valency Patterns Leipzig.
Leipzig: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
(Available online at, Accessed on 2021-10-18)


96 Verb forms 17 Coding frames 42 Alternations (100.0% avail.) 454 glossed Examples


General comment

In general the task presented by English is different in many ways from that faced by most other contributors, mainly on account of the vast body of existing research on valency patterns on English but also on account of the unparalleled resources available for English, including very large corpora and the English-language internet.

Source of the data and generalizations/background of the contributor(s)

I have generally constructed what seem to me to be typical-sounding sentences. In many cases I've checked on the internet or in Cobuld Wordbanks Online that the examples are indeed "ordinary" in character, but I haven't restricted myself at this stage to using all and only corpus-documented examples.