Verb forms with this basic Coding frame

Verb form Verb meaning Microrole 1 Microrole 2
e EAT eater eaten food
tutu nwu HUG hugger huggee
ghoo LOOK AT looker looked at entity
yaa SMELL smeller smelled entity
miẹ SEE seeer seen entity
niaa FRIGHTEN frightener frightenee
ẹghẹn LIKE liked entity liker
ẹẹn KNOW knower known thing/person
guẹ KNOW knower known thing/person
oo THINK thinker thought content
hoo (1) SEARCH FOR searcher searched for thing
khọọ WASH washer washed entity
zẹ (1) SHAVE (a body part/person) shaver (of body part) shaved body part
kpayẹ óbọ̀ HELP helper helpee
rẹkhaẹn FOLLOW follower followee
ga ze MEET meeter met person
khuee SHOUT AT shouter shoutee
kpe (1) TELL teller told content
gue TELL teller told content
zẹ(2) BUILD builder built thing
hu BUILD builder built thing
guọghọ BREAK breaker broken thing
gbe a BREAK breaker broken thing
gboo ku a BREAK breaker broken thing
gbe (1) KILL killer killee
gboo KILL killer killee
gbe (2) BEAT beater beatee
rẹ óbọ̀ so TOUCH toucher touchee
hian CUT cutter cut thing
bẹnnọ CUT cutter cut thing
nya a TEAR tearer torn thing
bolo PEEL peeler peeled object
fọlọ PEEL peeler peeled object
V hee HIDE hider hidden thing
ye SEND sender sent thing
ye úhùnmì SEND sender sent thing
nwu CARRY carrier carried thing
fi (2) THROW thrower thrown thing
din TIE tier tied thing
gba TIE tier tied thing
gba íì TIE tier tied thing
voo COVER coverer covered thing
vọọn FILL filler filled container
khaan FILL filler filled container
maa LOAD loader loaded thing
hee LOAD loader loaded thing
hẹẹn CLIMB climber climbing goal
so SING singer song
jẹ LAUGH laugher laughed-about thing
to (1) FEEL PAIN pain locus pain-feeler
gbulu ROLL (tr) roller (tr) rolling thing (tr)
ha o SINK (tr) sink-(caus)er (tr) sunken entity (tr)
too BURN (tr) burner (tr) burnt thing (tr)
lọ GRIND grinder ground thing
kalọ WIPE wiper wiping surface
tọn DIG digger dug up thing
vun DIG digger dug up thing
sua PUSH pusher pushee
V re BRING bringer brought thing
do V STEAL stealer stolen thing
họn HEAR hearer heard sound
vbie COOK cook causer cooked food
nyẹ COOK cook causer cooked food
rẹ égbè vbiẹẹ APPEAR appearer appear beneficiary
viẹ CRY crier cried after/for person
ẹhẹn MAKE maker made thing
kpe (2) WASH washer washed entity