Basic Coding frame

V is a three-argument verb which is typically derived by causative, applicative or applicative-causative derivations. Core arguments are unmarked for case. In verbal cross-referencing (indices) of transitive verbs, A affixes are normally placed before P markers but when it comes to the interaction of first and second person participants there is also a number of fusional markers (A+P), which are subject to considerable dialectal variation. The third person (A/P) is always zero-marked.

Word order. According to Tamura (2000: 181), the basic word order is A > R > T. However, one finds numerous word order variations in actual text, which are probably not syntactically but pragmatically motivated; this issue requires extensive corpus based research in the future.

REF: Tamura, Suzuko. (1988) 2000. “Ainugo” [The Ainu language]. In Kamei, Takashi, Rokuroo Koono, and Eiichi Chino (eds.). Gengogaku daijiten. vol. 1, Tokyo: Sanseidoo, 6-94. English version: The Ainu language. (ICHEL Linguistic Studies vol. 2), Tokyo: Sanseidoo.
# Coding set Argument type
1 subj.V A
2 obj.V P
3 Ø X